I’m not crying you’re crying

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  1. dakkori:

    it’s incredible how a video game can have so much personal meaning and importance to you

    but then when you talk to another person who played it they’re like ‘yeah it was ok’

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    nobody said it would be this hard.

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  2. hate:



    Racism and ignorance clearly evident in our society, as experienced by my friend’s sister. This is what her potential dorm roommate, whom she had never met or talked to before, tweeted about her.

    "Today I googled my last name and found this as one of the search results. Apparently, just by looking at my profile picture, I am Indian and I can barely speak english. This, my friends, is a prime example of racial profiling. I am an American citizen. I was born in Houston, Texas. My roots are not from India but from Africa. My parents are Algerian. I am Algerian American. English is my primary language and it is a struggle for me to speak my parent’s native tongue. My name is pronounced exactly as it is spelled. I wear a hijab (a head covering), and not a niqab ( a facial covering that excludes the eyes) though I do admire, respect, and find the beauty in all those who do choose to wear the niqab. But this girl is right, I probably would have had a heart attack living with a person who could not, and refused to, respect me and my beliefs. I can only thank God for an opening of a single room shortly after they assigned this roommate, way before I knew she had posted any of this. Alhamdullilah. I also thank God for being born in Houston, one of the most multicultural cities in the United States, and not experiencing racism like this everyday of my life.
    Sunday is my move in day and the start of my college career. This can be nothing but a good sign for the years to come, inshaAllah.
    In conclusion, I urge everyone, please, don’t judge a person by their appearances. Racism exists in this nation because we continue to do so. We have to look beyond the covers of appearances and read the texts of their characters. Stand with me and ‪#‎stopracism‬.”
    -Roukaya Mabizari

    She should be banned from life

    this is so fucked up

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  3. oraldiarrhea:


    What if birds had four legs? Need answer


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  4. theplaceinsidetheblizzard:

    People are allowed to be repulsed by sex.

    People are allowed to be uncomfortable with nudity.

    People are allowed to be uncomfortable with genitalia, their own or others. 

    There are so many reasons why people may feels this way, from dysphoria to being asexual to coping with sexual assault to just straight up that’s how they feel.

    And that’s ok.

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  5. valenros17:



    all i want to do is learn stuff and not have compulsory tests on it


    i love learning new stuff

    and reading new books

    but when i stress myself out to the point where i’m crying because of exams

    that kinda takes the fun out of it

    do you feel me

    this is such a sad thing and i feel it so bad.

    and this is why I hate school -.-

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    when they say youre too old for disney

    The hop, I can’t. I cackled.


    Disney Dudez is perfection

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